**HSE Cyber Attack**

Unfortunately, due to the HSE cyber attack and the consequence this has had on the lab facility, we have had to cancel all non-urgent bloods for Monday 17/5/2021 and this may have to be extended. We will contact you if you are affected.


COVID-19 Vaccines


We are currently working through COVID 19 Vaccines for our patients in Cohort 4 and Cohort 7.

Deliveries are on a fortnightly basis.

We are running vaccine clinics as per Public health/HSE advice. 

Our reception team will make contact with each patient in these cohorts to invite them to partake in this vaccine.

If you feel you are in Cohort 4 or 7 and have not been contacted by us, please contact reception.

Here is a list to the HSE/NIAC guidelines re Cohort 4 and 7:




We are currently exiting the 3rd lockdown phase of Covid 19.

We are continuing to provide general medical care whilst also dealing with Covid related consultations. 

Please see our 'COVID' section above for further details. 

It is important to seek medical attention as normal if you have any symptoms you are concerned about, whether covid or non-covid related. Please contact us by phone if you have concerns. Please be aware that we are experiencing a high volume of calls at this time and will endeavour to return your call as soon as we can.

Maternity Care:

This scheme is open to everyone with a valid PPSN and will cover your assigned obstetric visits to the surgery, it does not cover non-pregnancy related visits. For further information click below.



In keeping with GDPR recommendations, we would ask all patients to ensure you have signed our privacy statement with regards the storage/usage of your personal data. Please drop into the surgery at your convenience to do this. 



:: Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm

(We have limited availability of early morning appointments to facilitate patients being seen before going to work - please contact the clinic for more information)

Telephone lines open from 8.30-12.00 and 14.00 - 17.00 


:: Locate Us

(Click map above to view)


Site Map

A little about us

Castleknock Medical Centre is located at 1 Auburn Drive, Castleknock, Dublin 15. We provide the full range of GP services delivered by our doctors and practice nurse.

We are a teaching practice with a strong interest in medical education. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of services in a caring and empathic fashion.

The medical centre is a purposely built facility just off the Navan Road Dublin 15.



The Surgery is in operation from 8am to 6pm. All consultations are by appointment. 

Telephone lines are open from 8.30-12.00 and 14.00 - 17.00 


We have a limited availability of early morning appointments to facilitate patients being seen before going to work.

All the doctors participate in the Dublin Doctor out of hours service, DDOC. This operates for the hours the surgery is closed & can be contacted at 1850 22 44 77.





Our Staff


Dr John O'Brien - MCRN: 07543

Dr Fiona Belton - MCRN:125626

Dr John D O'Brien - MCRN: 371019

Dr Julie Mac Fadden - MCRN: 270031

Dr Anne Marie Soden - MCRN: 358668

Dr John Frizelle - MCRN: 405981

Dr Ashley McCall - MCRN: 414354





Mary Clegg  - Practice Nurse

Rosaleen O'Malley - Practice Nurse

Laura O'Brien - Practice Nurse

Sinead Kearney - Receptionist

Deirdre Fitzmaurice - Receptionist

Claire McCague - Receptionist

Jordan Coombes - Receptionist

Brenda Furey - Receptionist

Catherine Healy - Practice Manager


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